Adam Israel

Author ꞏ Genealogist ꞏ Software Engineer

Canonical, Ltd.


Adam Israel is a software engineer at Canonical, Ltd. His professional interests include benchmarking, performance tuning, cloud computing, network function virtualization, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

He is also a husband, an immigrant to Canada, a published author, and a professional genealogist. His interests include, but are not limited to, writing, building models, researching dead people, and fixing broken things.

Professional memberships include: the Ubuntu community, Windsor Hackforge, SF Canada, and the Codex Writers Group.


  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genealogy
  • Open Source
  • Containerization


  • Clarion Writers Workshop, 2010

    University of California - San Diego

  • Children's Literature, 2005

    College of DuPage

  • Holocaust Literature, 2005

    College of DuPage

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