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Even though I’m no longer a frequent flyer, I am still primarily a laptop user. Pre-pandemic, I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon. It’s a nice, lightweight machine has served me well until recently; the trackpad isn’t as responsive as it once was, and some of the keys are showing their wear. For the price, it wasn’t a bad investment to see me through a year and a half.

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I was growing frustrated with my old website layout. It seemed like any time I went to write a post, I was breaking something in the theme. I’ll admit that this was likely my own fault. To that end, I’ve switched from Academic, which is a robust theme but more than I actually need, to Hugo Future Imperfect Slim.


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One challenge of working on a distributed team is keeping track of everyone’s time zone. Most of my immediate team are Europe-based, and my colleagues in the Open Source Mano project are spread across the world. That makes timely collaboration complex. I often need to coordinate a task with someone several timezones away. If I miss them, I have to wait until my next day to talk to them. Not very efficient.


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Often enough, you’re at the stage in your work where you’re running potentially time-consuming unit/integration tests. You have other work to do on that project, but you’re tied up waiting for the tests to finish (and hopefully pass).

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