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Can you believe I managed to blog three whole days in a row last week two weeks ago? Yeah.

Apparently I’m running in low power mode right now. New meds, a heavy work schedule, and two short story deadlines. Oh, and I’m outlining NOVEL.

I’ve got around twenty unfinished short stories in inventory. My plan is to revise a short story every month or so while drafting novel. I don’t plan to draft any new short stories until I’ve finished this novel draft, unless something new like Shanghai Steam comes along or a specific invite comes along that catches my interest. Shiny is shiny, after all.

How long will this take? Fuck if I know. I’ve never finished a novel before. When I’m drafting short stories I average 500 words/day with relative ease. I suspect I can double that but I’ll be conservative and give myself until my birthday next summer — almost exactly 11 months away. If I don’t have a complete draft by then, something is seriously wrong and the Inkpunks are formally invited to visit a beatdown on my ass.

Expect regular status updates complete with word widget and maybe even tiny extracts of out of context words that I’m not totally horrified by.

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