2010 Nebula Nominations

The Nebula Nominations are out! I’m pleased to see several friends and acquaintances on the list. Congratulations to all nominees, but especially to Kij Johnson, Vylar Kaftan, Shweta Narayan, Eric James Stone, J. Kathleen Cheney, M.K. Hobson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Nnedi Okorafor. I also let out a little squee to see that my favorite episode of Doctor Who, “Vincent and the Doctor”, is up for the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation.

SALE: Dog Days, to Crossed Genres

SALE: Indigo’s Gambit, to the EXTINCT anthology

Finishing Things Follow-up

I had a Finishing Things Weekend, joined by many friends on Twitter. I almost failed miserably. I finished none of the three things I’d planned on, instead crashing into a fibro-induced sleep state. Spending half of a weekend asleep and the other half wishing I were wasn’t what I had in mind, but I did salvage something from it. After another nap, I checked my Duotrope stats. Saw a nifty new feature that let me search for markets I hadn’t submitted a story to yet.

Five things I learned at Clarion

Via Jim Kelly, by way of Tim Pratt, and because I am desperately avoiding the writing I need to do tonight, here are a few things I learned (or confirmed) while at Clarion. I write stories about the human condition. It’s the people that interest me, their struggles that move me, and their pain that moves my pen. So, I guess that explains my fascination with people-watching. Find what works for and stick with it.

Finishing Things Weekend

This weekend has been declared crunch time, and as it turns out there’s also a Finishing Things Weekend (#FTW) happening on Twitter this weekend. Rockin’. I love peer pressure. The things that I want/need to get done: Revise last weekend’s flash story (flutters eyelashes at critiquers) and submit it Draft another Tesla’s Daughter Super Hero story (yes, it’s apparently turning into a series) Write new flash fiction for this weekend’s Codex Weekend Warriors contest That’s kind of a lot, but I think I can pull it off.

A Poppet Army of One

It almost became a joke; when will the package show up in Canada? Canada Post, I’ve found, is notoriously slow. I diligently checked the post office every couple days (because they don’t deliver to the house). Christmas came and went and finally, on the last day of the year, a package from California arrived. My good friend Christie sent packages to a group of us; we met online and a tight bond formed by a love of words and writing and genre developed, and it’s only grown since.

I have a <3 for words

I’m planning a submissions party this weekend and you are all welcome to join me on Twitter. I have at least one story that that I should be sending out for reprints and a second that I’m not sure when, offhand, the reprint rights revert. I need to do market research, update my spreadsheets, and get submitting. I’ve also got some stories that have been sitting gathering dust and that’s a crying shame.

2010 in review

Every year has its ups and downs and 2010 was no exception. Still, it felt like a harder year in many ways. There were unexpected challenges by way of financial disasters, health setbacks and personal roadblocks. At times, I didn’t know how I’d get by day to day. Despite everything, the year ended on a high note. All we can do for the days ahead is work smart and move forward.

Hard days

I’ve been slogging away, the last few weeks, trying to string together words that make sense. It’s been rough. A nameless ennui that I blame on not having a place to personalize yet. That’s something Andrea and I will be working towards in the new year. Meanwhile, life goes on and the writing must continue so I had to find a way. Deadlines usually help, but I’ve been staring two or three, maybe four, up the ugly side so much lately that I’m beginning to go cross-eyed.