Holiday Sundry

Eventually I’ll get on to something resembling a schedule. This is a note to let you know that yes, I am still alive, despite what my twitter feed may appear to indicate. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has finally been repealed. About fucking time. Maybe this’ll be the tipping point to establishing equal rights for everyone regardless of race, gender or orientation. My brother’s back out of the hospital. It’s complex.


Insomnia and I are old friends who nod in passing, acknowledging our shared history like lovers but say nothing. The latest flare of pain caused by fibromyalgia has rekindled that flame and brought an entirely new facet to the relationship. Fibro flares can be difficult. It’s sometimes easy to forget I’m in the middle of one when I’m sitting and working or active around the house but when I lay down to rest and my body starts to relax the pain gets worse.

Reasons why I love living in a small town

We had our first measurable snowfall today — a meager quarter inch or so. I was awake early, or late, depending on your point of view thanks to fibrosomnia day 2. I decided to walk uptown to our favorite breakfast joint where I had three eggs, three slices of bacon, and fried potatoes and onions for under $5. I jotted down some words, made some notes on the next story I’m working on, and on the way back home picked up an extra large half hot chocolate, half coffee at Tim Hortons (which is open 24⁄7, btw) for less than $2.

Valhalla, I am home.

6 months, 17 days. 201 days. It was May 7th when I had my original issues at the border resulting in my denial of entry. It was three weeks ago that we were planning to have Andrea follow me to California. And then events transpired which changed our mind. A plan was hatched. Action was taken. To our pleasant shock and awe, it worked. I am home. I am officially, and quite legally, in Canada.

Brief World Fantasy wrap-up

I went to my first World Fantasy Convention last weekend. I’ve been to other conventions — mostly smaller, regional conventions like Penguicon, Windycon, and a one-day stop at WisCon last year. I thought I knew what to expect. Boy was I wrong. First, the new friends. So many of my friends converged upon Columbus that World Fantasy was, for many of us, our first face-to-face meeting. I met what seemed like half of my rival Clarion class, all but one of the Inkpunks (Wendy, we missed you dearly), and so many others from Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal.

AlterNaNoWriMo 2010 – #alternano

November 1st is here and that means NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. As someone who is a short story writer, I often look at my friends writing the long form with some envy. They have their own month and I don’t want to be left out so I tell myself that I will finally write one of those novel ideas I’ve been noodling on for forever. Just when I think I’ve picked one and made a decision, the weight of my backlog of revisions, rewrites, or markets I want to submit to smacks me like a brick.

Sparkpunk won’t stand for that crap anymore

I should have known I was in for a rough day when I woke up to rain. Not that rain is unusual, but I’d never seen it rain in Santa Monica before. It was a nice rain, though, the kind that you don’t mind walking to work in. After a weekend spent riding buses and enjoying the company of good friends (not that I’m complaining), I found myself in a deficit of spoons, though.

Travel ahoy

It’s a good feeling to put the word END after the last paragraph of a manuscript. This story was born week five of Clarion but I couldn’t make it work then. A little bit of time away and with four days of sporadic effort, it’s a story. Rough around the edges like any first draft but I expect those will be caught when I sent it to beta readers later this week.

Armed with a palm full of spit and vigor

Project: Sex/magic story, now with more poly love, a plump dominatrix, a Chicago swinger’s club, and one pissed off magician. New words written: 1,210 Reason for stopping: End of scene One more scene left before I can make draft, so I’m on target to wrap this up by the end of the weekend. Today’s been upside down thanks to insomnia but I don’t mind the word count. It’ll be nice to get back to regular sleep schedule, though.

I should have brought my ink well

One good thing, maybe the only good thing, about being so far removed from friends and family is that there isn’t much social life to speak of. That means on Friday night, after a post-work nap, I made some serious story progress. If all goes according to plan, I’ll make draft on this by the end of the weekend. Next I only need a title. Project: Tantric sex/magic story, now with more poly love, a plump dominatrix, a Chicago swinger’s club, and one pissed off magician.