Signal boost: Broken Time Blues

Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s, or as some of you folks may remember it from it’s twitter hashtag, #20spec, is now available for sale on Amazon. From the publisher’s description: No blind tigers or poisonous coffin varnish here! Broken Time Blues is a classy establishment, see? The cat’s meow. So toss on your glad rags and get a wiggle on! Make sure no one’s following you, then take a right down the alley and knock three times on the brown door.

Small does not mean amateur

I sent a submission to a market whose name I will not reveal on July 15th. Acknowledgement was received on July 17th, which I’ve included below, modified only to anonymize the publisher. There are enough mistakes contained in this experience that I think it’s worth examining, both for writers, editors, and small press publishers. Thank you for your submission. I expect to begin story review for Name Withheld in late July/early August and you should hear from me no later than September 15th.

Less talk, more word count

I need to post a full recap of my Clarion write-a-thon efforts and a thank you to the donors. In the meantime, a little bit about accountability. I’ve been bad about writing consistently lately (blogging seems to be a chronic problem). I’d write sporadically, finishing stories here and there, revising and evening submitting a few of them with some success. Mostly, though, I’ve been draft stories and that’s it. I still have some sitting in my moleskines waiting to be typed up.

Off with the Sloth

I’ve survived day two of walking myself into a non-round shape. It’s not an easy task. Fibromyalgia, my version of it, includes bouts of fatigue. I tried doing something as simple as lunges as part of my friend Sandra’s virtual bootcamp; twenty minutes of that put me into a fatigue crash that had me sleeping 36 out of the next 48 hours and, frankly, weeks of depression just thinking about that failure.

I know Immigration-Fu

The inches-thick stack of paper greeting us on Tuesday only needed one thing: signatures. With today’s batch of packages to Fedex, my application for immigration to Canada is on its way north, where it will sit in processing for the next nine or ten months. Around April or May next year, I will start frantically refreshing the status page to see if it changes from ‘in process’ to ‘approved’ and we wait for the final paperwork to come in the mail.

Speaking with Authority

It’s a funny thing. When I wrote tech news and my Linux column, I felt pretty confident about what I was doing. I could debate policy and technology without hesitation. I’ve been on panels, given demonstrations and was, frankly, highly opinionated and usually right. It’s different when it comes to fiction, though. I’ve made sales and gone to Clarion. I’m comfortable with what I do and don’t know but I don’t usually feel like I’m speaking with authority.

In the Company of Strangers

Andrea’s gift of striking up a conversation led to the discovery that tonight was the open house for the local brand of the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada. I’ve been a space nerd since the moment I saw Star Trek in theatre in the 1979. Joining the club seemed like a no-brainer and I’d researched it, before my border crossing nightmare last year and had slipped my mind since returning last November.

Guys, how do you shave?

I’ve owned one electric razor in my life. It didn’t do a great job of shaving my face and cleaning it out was a pain in the ass. I’ve been using a disposable instead (one of those three-razor things) but replacement blades are expensive and the entire process annoys me. I’m wondering if that electric razor I tried before just wasn’t that good? So, to try out this nifty polling plugin, a question!

Sale: History of the Flesh

I’m pleased to announce the sale of a flash fiction story, “History of the Flesh”, to volume 2 of The Crimson Pact anthology. My story of a psychometrist turned sineater started almost two and a half years ago, during the Codex Weekend Warrior contest. For five consecutive weekends, we write a flash fiction inspired by one of three posted prompts and post it by the wee hours of Monday morning.

Clarion Diego Write-a-thon

Two things make this upcoming Monday special: it marks the beginning of the Clarion (San Diego) Write-a-thon, and my one year anniversary of attending the Clarion Workshop. Clarion was a significant event in my life. One way I can give back is by participating in the write-a-thon and raising money to help the program that helped me. For six weeks, we learned to write better (but still shitty!) first drafts. I wrote three new stories at Clarion, and revised two previously written ones.