This and that

This was a good news/bad news kind of week on the medical front. I wish I had more energy to talk about it, but I am running low on spoons and need to conserve them.

Good news:

  • Kidneys and Thyroid are normal.
  • It’s not Multiple Sclerosis.
  • It’s probably not Lupus.

The bad news:

  • There is still a chance it could be Lupus, so I had more blood drawn to confirm/deny.
  • I do have Fibromyalgia. All of the symptoms fit.
  • I need to have a sleep test to determine if I’m suffering from sleep apnea or cataplexy, and to see if it explains the occasional fugue states I sometimes experience.

I will have a lot more to say about Fibromyalgia. Right now I’m still in the acceptance phase, which isn’t always easy. Figuring out my limitations and triggers is going to take some time. I’ve already started re-evaluating my diet, to try and determine what foods may be causing flares. I imagine that this could be a long process of self-discovery.

I also have just over a month before I leave for Clarion, so I’m going to be busy wrapping up all of the legal and medical stuff, and reading. Lots and lots of reading. Lots of work, too. And when Clarion is over, I can go back home to Canada. If I’m quiet, sullen or manic, well, you know why.


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