Friday is for Friends who are Awesome

Happy fifth birthday to Hadley Rille Books, who published my first in print story. They publish many fine books and anthologies, so please consider supporting this great small press.

Today is release day for Rigor Amortis, edited by Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, and containing stories by R. Schuyler Devin, Kaolin Imago Fire, Kay T. Holt, John Nakamura Remy, Andrew Penn Romine, Wendy N. Wagner, and many others.

This first of October 2010 also marks the launch of Inkpunks, a group blog by some of the brightest up and coming writers and editors in speculative fiction. Every Tuesday and Friday there will be a post related to the writing. Disclaimer: I am one of the contributors.

Congratulations to my friend John, who just completed 30 days as a Vegan. Changing diet and lifestyle is harder than you might expect. Kudos to him for seeing it through. I’m looking forward to his final thoughts on the experiment.

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