#NaNoWriMo Day 6: Parity!

Not as much writing as I’d like today, mostly my own fault. When I actually sit down to write, I can knock out the words but today I procrastinated and was easily distracted. Still, I managed to hit parity with the Nano model of 1,667 words/day.

Project: Black Mirror

New words written: 1,975

Reason for stopping: Midnight

Almost a week in to this draft, I still feel pretty good about it. I haven’t had that “OMG OMG we’re all going to die” feeling once. The ideas are solid and the writing can be fixed. This is a story that I would pick up and read. That’s probably a good thing, because I’m going to spend a significant amount of time in this world between now and next summer, getting it ready for someone other than me to read.

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