#NaNoWriMo day 16

I found my stride yesterday, sixteen days in. I didn’t strictly follow end of day guidelines for Nano, calling it a day somewhere close to 1AM. I drafted a scene and a part of the next and it’s the best writing I’ve done all month. It’s what all others will be held up and compared to, and mocked mercilessly when they fall short.

Project: Black Mirror

New words written: 1,803

Reason for stopping: Tired

I’ll be scrambling for words tonight. The Day job looms and I have my Inkpunks post to write for tomorrow. Plus, I’m deep into creating my first eBook, which is a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Certain long-term plans are slowly coming together in a way that make me want to cackle and wring my hands together.

Adam Israel
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