You can take the grey out of his beard, but Unix stays in a man’s blood.

I sat down this morning, meaning to write a blog post about focus and patience, with OCD tendencies. It would have been my first substantial post since the beginning of the month, but when I logged in to WordPress I found my site unresponsive. Temperamental, even. Other sites I host on the same server, but different accounts, were fine. I was about to blame my half-full cup of coffee when Google interceded and warned me that my site was being suspicious as all fuck. Fuck.

So, instead of talking about how I’ve been making progress on most of the things and what else I’ve been doing, I lost the morning to the Unix mines. My old friends sed and grep were happy to see me as we strolled down the old familiar path of forensic analysis and recovery (or, as much as can be done with limited privileges). I don’t know if my password was compromised or not, but it’s been changed. One of my WordPress plugins was manually installed and severely out-of-date. It had known XSS vulnerabilities and some of the infected files originated in its folder. It has appropriately been nuked from orbit and installed to current.

Dreamhost’s been notified, in case this was part of a larger attack on the machine itself. For the time being, all is as it was, or should be at any rate (I’ll be keeping a close watch for any recurrences).


Adam Israel
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