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I’ve been a fan of Crossed Genres for a long time — just shy of three years, which is forever in Internet time. As a small press, they’ve done a massive amount of good work publishing hundreds of authors (including myself) but Bart and Kay, proprietors, fell on hard times and were forced to turn to Kickstarter to keep CG alive. And made their goal of $4,000 in just 22 hours.

That says something, not just about the power of Kickstarter but about the reputation of Crossed Genres, and Bart and Kay. These are people worth supporting.

With a week to go, they are trying to reach a second stretch goal of $14,000 (they are over $8,600 as I write this). If they reach this, not only will Crossed Genres the magazine be relaunched but it will become a professionally-paying venue and that is a significant thing. Bart and Kay already ran CG as such, but they will be able to compensate authors equally well.

You can already find plenty of examples of their work in the Cross Genre archives. In addition, I’ve posted my story “Dog Days“, originally published in the April 2011 issue, online as a show of support. Go kick in a few bucks to show ’em that you care.

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