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I may burst with glee. Tomorrow is Nikola Tesla day. Today, the Mad Scientist Journal published my secret history of Tesla, “Man Out of Time“. I even have word that someone on Facebook commented that they thought the story was a “great idea to run a game/one-shot on”. Katie Nyborg did the fabulous illustration for the interior.

How much does this mean to me? Well, Tesla is my hero more so than any other historical figure ever. While other kids my age were dreaming of cars and getting lucky, I spent my high school years in the electronics lab building things and wishing one of them were a Tesla Coil. To research this particular story, I bought both poetry that Tesla had translated and his transcribed journals from the time periods covered at Colorado Springs, where part of this story takes place. It was important to try to place the events as close to historical fact as possible before veering off, as well as understanding how Tesla might have handled himself.

This story was also one of my Clarion application stories, if you’re curious about that sort of thing.


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