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I was recently asked about what Atom packages I use, and I thought it’d be good to document it. These are the most used of the 38 Community Packages I’ve installed.

Package Notes
MagicPython Syntax highlighter for Python
atom-beautify Make code pretty
auto-detect-indentation Auto-detect file indentation and set editor to match.
autocomplete-python Auto-complete packages, variables, methods, etc.
autocomplete-webpack ^^ the same, but for Webpack
git-plus Git integration. Used mainly to see git state (branch and changed files).
go-plus A must for Golang development. Helps enforce best practices (lint, tests, etc).
language-babel Syntax highlighting for Babel
language-yang Syntax highlighting for Yang
linter-flake8 Linter plugin for Python, using flake8
linter-js-yaml Linter plugin for JS and Yaml files
linter-pep8 Linter plugin for Python, using pep8
linter-python-pep8 Yet another Linter plugin for Python using pep8. I don’t remember why I’m using both.
linter-tidy Linter plugin for HTML, using tidy.
pretty-json Make JSON pretty and human-readble
sort-lines Sort lines. Good when dealing with text files, but I miss Textmate’s ability to cat files to external commands, i.e., sort, sed, and awk.
teletype Nifty way to do paired programming
tree-view-sort Sort the tree view
wordcount Handy for writing blog posts and other docs.
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