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I do a lot of different things – husbanding, software engineering, writing, model-building, genealogy, drawing, tinkering, etc – and I wasn’t happy with how previous iterations of this website presented those diverse interests.

Of all the themes I looked at, the academic theme for Hugo seems like a good fit. So this is it, or the start of it anyway. As always, the work is never finished, but I think it’s a start.

Most importantly to me is that I can better represent the whole of my interests. I’m doing a lot more blogging for work, which made the site feel a lot more slanted towards the technical, and the poor creative side was being squeezed out. And I want to talk about more than just those two things without worrying about the stupid things my brain says to me, like no one’s interested, or that the people who read these posts only want me to talk about certain subjects.

Blogs are weird things these days. We consume them differently. We find threads to pluck at topically, not wholesale. I stopped subscribing to RSS feeds long ago, and find most of the interesting conversations via Twitter or Facebook. This’ll be an experiment to see if I can make something work in that troposphere.

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