Adam Israel

Adam Israel

An economy of words.

Adam Israel is a software engineer, a published author, and a genetic genealogist.

As an engineer, Adam has worked has worked a variety of companies, specializing in open source software, benchmarking and performance tuning, and cloud computing. His technical interests are in neural networks, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

As an author, Adam had a brief foray in technical journalism before switching gears and focusing on writing fiction. He attended the James Gunn Short Fiction workshop in 2007 and the Clarion Writers workshop in 2010. To date, he’s published several short stories, which can be found in his bibliography and fiction pages.

Lastly, Adam is a genealogist focusing on the use of DNA and genetics. While exploring his own family history, he fell in love with the detective work and has branched out to working with other families. His work has led to the reunion of several adoptees with their biological families.

An immigrant to Canada, Adam and his wife live in Southwest Ontario with six cats and more books than they’ll ever be able to read in this lifetime.

Professional memberships include: the Ubuntu community, Windsor Hackforge, SF Canada, and the Codex Writers Group.

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