The best laid intentions, felled by a lack of 3×5″ notecards

When I kicked off the year writing 250 new words a day, I had a plan. A story. An outline, man. I finished that story yesterday. Plus an impromptu flash fiction piece. Today? I have no plan. I have a theme (thank you, upcoming anthology). I have the kernel of a plot and main character. Tonight, I write without my safety net. I’m curious to see what this change in process produces.

Week 1: Knock on wood

When I started out following Booklife and documenting my writing progress, I suspected the first few weeks would either be really easy or really hard. Establishing a habit takes times and it’s easy to make excuses to skip writing. We all hear or use them — I’m too busy, too much day job work, kids/family, etc. Then there’s the Resolutionists, who make a bunch of goals at the beginning of the year and waver after a few weeks.


Writing It’s really too early to tell how things are going to work out long-term but so far I feel good. Not overwhelmed by keeping my spreadsheets updated or gut checking my short-term goals. I’m right where I want to be. I hope I can say the same thing a week and a month from now.

I’m writing a little bit every day. I’ve surpassed my 250 words/day goal.

Achievements and goals

On the heels of yesterdays post about Booklife and my personal mission statement, I have added My Booklife to the sidebar. From here, I have posted and will keep updated my public weekly, monthly, 1 year and 5 year goals. I’ve also included my list of career achievements. I’m feeling pretty good about how things are shaping. I’m starting the year with a more or less clean slate; new domain, new blog, and new goals.

In the beginning, there was the Mission Statement

I am horrible with deadlines. In high school I was forced to take a special class on time management because I never turned anything in on time. It’s one of those things that I struggle with on a daily basis. Occasionally I discover something useful that helps, like Things, that help me keep track of the things I need to be doing. The most recent one was Jeff VanderMeer‘s Booklife.

2009 Submission Statistics