Clarion Diego Write-a-thon

Two things make this upcoming Monday special: it marks the beginning of the Clarion (San Diego) Write-a-thon, and my one year anniversary of attending the Clarion Workshop. Clarion was a significant event in my life. One way I can give back is by participating in the write-a-thon and raising money to help the program that helped me.

For six weeks, we learned to write better (but still shitty!) first drafts. I wrote three new stories at Clarion, and revised two previously written ones. I think it only appropriate that, for my inaugural write-a-thon, I rewrite and/or revise those stories.

  • “Longwalkers”
  • “A Murder of Crows”
  • “Control”, was “I Love You, Good Bye, I’ll See You Soon” *****
  • “Recycled Dreams”
  • “Cradle of Hope”
  • One or two additional stories TBD

Everyone who donates, if they so choose, will receive a postcard with story bits, doodles, or whatever I feel like adding to it.

Your name will also be listed in the acknowledgements of a limited edition ebook (see below).


For ten dollars or more, you’ll receive the above, plus a limited edition ebook containing:

  • My application essay
  • My application stories
  • The handwritten, first and revised versions of my Clarion stories
  • A one year retrospective, post-Clarion
  • Extra bonus material


Anyone who pledges $25 or more will receive, in addition to the ebook, tuckerization in a future story.


For $50 or more, donors will receive the ebook, tuckerization, and I will give you a detailed critique of a story, up to 7,500 words.


If you are able to donate $100 or more dollars, you’ll receive all of the above, my never-ending gratitude, and I will write a story based on prompts that you provide.

Not only am I dedicating the next six weeks to raising money for Clarion, I will also put matching funds towards a scholarship for a 2012 Clarion student of my choosing. Please visit my write-a-thon page to make your pledge and drop a note here to let me know where to send your postcard. I’ll be in touch for any other details for your reward.


  • Already rewritten and in circulation, but you’ll still get both versions
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