Sale: History of the Flesh

 I’m pleased to announce the sale of a flash fiction story, “History of the Flesh”, to volume 2 of The Crimson Pact anthology.

My story of a psychometrist turned sineater started almost two and a half years ago, during the Codex Weekend Warrior contest. For five consecutive weekends, we write a flash fiction inspired by one of three posted prompts and post it by the wee hours of Monday morning. The prompt I chose was:

Imagine someone had an extra sense to perceive the physical world. How would it work and what would s/he do with it? Write a story about it.

I’d had the idea for a character who saw the history of things that he touched (and the personal toll such an ability would bring) in mind for a while and I’ve long been fascinated with things like sineaters. The story, from the same world as my novel-in-progress, snowballed from there.

The anthology will be available in August and will include stories by many other fine writers that I’m excited to share a Table of Contents with (details forthcoming).

Adam Israel
Author ꞏ Genealogist ꞏ Software Engineer

My interests include genealogy, cloud computing, and all things open source.

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