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The Clarion Write-a-thon began yesterday. I got some decent writing time in, despite a late start to the day and having to confront a would-be pervert attempting to flash his private bits at my favorite writing spot. I expect the first several days of writing to go slow as I revise the first chapter of the novel, trying to set the right tone and pace. The 25k words I wrote during last year’s Nanowrimo are, I realize, mostly outline but do span the length of the novel. My task now is to fill in the gaps where I rush through sections I was unsure of and take my time getting through the rest. Also, sub-plot. I have it and now I need to make it work.

My pre write-a-thon novel stats:


After the first day’s session, which saw me revise most of chapter one, scene one:

A good start. I don’t feel at all nervous about my goals like I did during Nanowrimo. 30k words over six weeks is a little more reasonable for me, yes, but I’ve also spent more time thinking through this story and figuring out its structure. I’m definitely more of an outliner when it comes to novels, and the extra time I’ve spent in planning is paying off now.

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