Draft Zero

I didn’t reach my original estimate of 5,000 words but this draft is done. Project: Motown Blues (tentative) New words written: 811 Reason for stopping: End of story No matter how much I outline and plan, these stories tend to take on a life of their own once I get started. The voice fluctuates until it finds its pace and pitch. Tangents emerge, sidetrack, and must be wrestled into submission. I like what this is shaping up to be.

What do you mean, fifteen minutes *each*?

I missed a couple days of writing last week, which included a day spent trying to get fingerprints taken for immigration and ended up with an appointment one week out. Who knew that fingerprint technology had advanced beyond ink pads? One set for Ontario, and a set each for the FBI and State of Illinois to request my records. The saga, she continues. My Illinois driving records have been received by Mom and will soon be on their way here.

Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever


I realize that I neglected to mention that the anthology Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever, containing my story Indigo’s Gambit, is now available on Amazon. Three, two, one, bang — the Drifting Star skipped on the wave of a collapsing micro-sun, soaring through the void between the stars. The astronautical library contained surveys and charts on hundreds of thousands of star systems within the alliance of civilized worlds the Fringe called Sing Xu.

Rainforest Writers Village

Last weekend, Andrea and I attended the Rainforest Writers Village at Lake Quinalt in western Washington state. It was our first trip together in more than two years, the first time either of us had been to the Pacific Northwest, and our first to the states since my return to Canada last year. My hat goes off to Patrick Swenson, who puts heart and soul into making the retreat an awesome event.

SALE: Dog Days, to Crossed Genres

SALE: Indigo’s Gambit, to the EXTINCT anthology

Finishing Things Weekend

This weekend has been declared crunch time, and as it turns out there’s also a Finishing Things Weekend (#FTW) happening on Twitter this weekend. Rockin’. I love peer pressure. The things that I want/need to get done: Revise last weekend’s flash story (flutters eyelashes at critiquers) and submit it Draft another Tesla’s Daughter Super Hero story (yes, it’s apparently turning into a series) Write new flash fiction for this weekend’s Codex Weekend Warriors contest That’s kind of a lot, but I think I can pull it off.

I have a <3 for words

I’m planning a submissions party this weekend and you are all welcome to join me on Twitter. I have at least one story that that I should be sending out for reprints and a second that I’m not sure when, offhand, the reprint rights revert. I need to do market research, update my spreadsheets, and get submitting. I’ve also got some stories that have been sitting gathering dust and that’s a crying shame.

Hard days

I’ve been slogging away, the last few weeks, trying to string together words that make sense. It’s been rough. A nameless ennui that I blame on not having a place to personalize yet. That’s something Andrea and I will be working towards in the new year. Meanwhile, life goes on and the writing must continue so I had to find a way. Deadlines usually help, but I’ve been staring two or three, maybe four, up the ugly side so much lately that I’m beginning to go cross-eyed.

Brief World Fantasy wrap-up

I went to my first World Fantasy Convention last weekend. I’ve been to other conventions — mostly smaller, regional conventions like Penguicon, Windycon, and a one-day stop at WisCon last year. I thought I knew what to expect. Boy was I wrong. First, the new friends. So many of my friends converged upon Columbus that World Fantasy was, for many of us, our first face-to-face meeting. I met what seemed like half of my rival Clarion class, all but one of the Inkpunks (Wendy, we missed you dearly), and so many others from Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal.